The Longest Day

27 August 2019

Our visit to Dubai was rather fleeting. This was fortunate, as the outside temperature was 45 degrees and we were dressed in our winter clothes. Our connecting flight provided a quick turnaround inside the airport complex, involving several elevators, several travelators and even a train ride. And that was it for Dubai.

Our sneaky seat selecting technique again worked a treat, but this time it was Grahame who got to stretch out over two seats.

6 1/2 hours later we disembarked in Barcelona. Our bags appeared early on the carousel and before we knew it we were in a taxi “speeding” (literally) towards our accommodation.

So, here we are!

La Rambla was full of people: tourist, locals, street sellers, homeless, hawkers. The most popular items for sale were Barcelona FC paraphernalia, Spanish fans (gotta get one of those!!) , sunglasses and jugs of sangria.

Our first Sangria at 10 pm Tuesday night

We even spotted Marilyn Monroe high up on a balcony above. I won’t mention what she was advertising but at least she was keeping cool!


After 21 hours in the air and 26 hours of awake time, the jug of Sangria did its job and sleep came easily!!

Big day tomorrow.