Marking time!

2 September 2019

Today we should have been heading towards Alicante, but Car no. 1 is still 80 km back up the road in Castellón de la Plana. So, today is a bonus day in Valencia. And I have been stuck in much worse places before!

We “think” we might be reunited with our Black Peugeot tomorrow. In the meantime, we are having a relaxed day, visiting the Central Markets and the Valencia Cathedral.

We are currently sitting in a cafe skirting one of the main Plaza’s, sipping Sangria, listening to buskers, people watching and enjoying a beautiful cooling breeze.

Sangria Time

The two little girls put on an impromptu dance number. I hope the buskers shared the loot with them.

Learner Buskers

Today began with a fairly impressive thunderstorm. It must have rained heavily as the puddles are deep , and the air a bit fresher! Thankfully!!

We spoke to our Emergency Support crew in France who have organised yet another day for our Hire Car no.2 and have done their best to get things back on the road.

We had to email the Peugeot dealership today, in Spanish, giving them permission to fix the car!! ITS JUST A FLAT TYRE!!!! Thank goodness for Google Translate! I got the guy at reception of our hotel to check out the message before I pressed SEND. “Perfecto”!!!

The most recent message was that it was siesta time and The Peugeot office was closed for a few hours, but would open later this afternoon!!! Watch this space.

Don’t panic Mithyl!! We will be in Lisbon on time!

We headed to the Central Markets to explore and find something for breakfast. The markets are housed in a pretty fancy building and well worth the visit!

Central Markets Valencia
A foodie delight!

We had fresh juice and Horchata , a sweet nutty flavoured drink, accompanied by bocadillo , a Spanish bread, like a baguette, with various fillings. I always go for ones with tomato but Grahame goes for the prosciutto ones.

Next port of call was the Cathedral. It was on our must see list but we hadn’t ventured to that part of the city until late last night. It is in the same square as my “Reclining Fountain Man” and I was quite keen to be reacquainted in the daylight.

Neptune. Of course!!!
Research courtesy of Grahame
(He made me say that.)

The Cathedral was, of course, spectacular and dates back longer than my brain can comprehend. It was full of amazing paintings, statues and religious icons.

The Bit Behind the Alter
The other bits

And yes folks! Stop searching. We have found The Holy Grail. Not sure why it took Harrison Ford and Dan Brown so long. It’s here! In Valencia.

Valencia Cathedral’s Holy Grail

A side tour of the Cathedral took us down into the basement of the church to view the water collection tank, old Roman Ruins and……. skeletons. There were a few fully exposed and a little worse for wear!!

We enjoyed our people watching session in the main square. Tourists, locals, students, dogs, tour guides, waiters, buskers : all of them in abundance!

People watching people.

We did a little street art searching on our walk home and came up with a few beauties. There is also a lot of not so nice “street art”.

Street Art Valencia Style

So, who knows what tomorrow will bring, but we are really hoping its a car with four fully inflated tyres. Fingers crossed.


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