Life’s a Beach!

12 September 2019

See ya Sintra!

We’re heading North. Mostly going along the coast with a few minor deviations to see what we can see.

First stop was a small surfing beach at Carvoeira. There was actually a surf and even surfboard riders.

And then on to Ericeira.

Mithyl was on quest to find a particular fountain (well?) she had seen on a web site. The search was on.

We wandered the streets and found all sorts of goodies.

Window Art

We even found another fountain but it wasn’t the right one. Our holy grail was much prettier.


We pursued several leads. The local constabulary sent us in one direction, waiters in coffee shops sent us another. Some even sent us back to the one we’d already found.

We eventually stumbled over the prize within cooee of where we had begun our search. Murphy’s law.

Pretty cute eh!

Mafra, slightly inland was our next stop. For the first time in days, we didn’t have to fight our way through those pesky tourists. We didn’t exactly have the place to ourselves but it certainly wasn’t crowded.

No tourists!!

We walked the entire length of the upper floor from the Kings bedroom at one end to the Queens at the other end! A distance of what seemed three kilometres.

There were lots of pretty things to see.

And lots of pretty rooms to visit.

Three rooms however stood out.

The Yellow Room
The Stag Room

And my favourite, the library!

Miles of books

And then there was this!

Time to head back to the sea!

We stopped off at Peniche, with its rocky headland,

A nice lighthouse,

And a charming town “statue”.

Not sure what she’s doing

Caldas da Rhaina is apparently well known for its ceramics, so a quick visit was required.

Our final destination, Nazaré was reached just after sunset, but after checking into our Airbnb for the night, we quickly walked to the beach to enjoy the last light.

And then there was dinner!

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