San Sebastián: You Little Beauty!

19 September 2019

It was round about now we wish we hadn’t left our swimmers in the car.

We arrived in a San Sebastián preening itself for opening night of the Film Festival. We even got to walk the red carpet, despite it still having a plastic covering on it!

And we promptly lost ourselves in the myriad of narrow streets full of bars and pintxos. Omg!

Foodie Heaven

The port was jam packed with little boats, and the beach was busy with tourists, locals and nuns wanting to cool down a little.

So we have realised that it’s a “thing” to promenade up and down the waters edge in a human super highway. It was difficult to go against the flow. Grahame tried but returned soon after.

One way traffic

Now rumour has it that when in town, Mata Hari would stay here in Hotel de Londres always in a corner room with a view back down towards the Casino, (now Town Hall), so she could report the comings and goings. Not sure who she was reporting to or on.

At least that’s what I overheard a tour guide telling his group

Mithyl and I posed amongst the flowers in a pretty little park right beside the sea.

And Grahame and I posed beside the sea.

Lunch time! Back to the Pintxos bar!

Yes that is a Creme Caramel, our first this trip

Mithyl suggested we head to Saint-Jean-de-Luz, just over the border in France, where we could get a carpark closer to the beach and go for a swim.

So we did.

Pretty and empty and French.

The surf was non existent, the sand was finer and the water, not as cold as further south. Even I went for a dip.

We had dragged Mithyl around Portugal on the promise of a swim at every opportunity! She finally got the opportunity and it was back in France and not all that far from where she lived.

Our next stop was Espelette, a small town, still in Basque Country famous for its chillies!

Every house was painted white with ruby red doors and shutters or white with green shutters. (the colours of chillies) .

And many of them were decorated with chillies strung across the facade.

You could purchase anything and everything made from chillies, so we bought a Basque cake made of raspberries to take for dessert. But if you are into chillies, go there!

We stayed the night just outside Pau on a cattle farm belonging to Mithyl’s sister and Brother-in- Law. Fanny, Marc and their daughter Noemie made us feel very welcome and we enjoyed meeting more of Mithyl’s family.

Farm Stay

We checked out the cows and calves at feed time in the barn before returning to the house for a wonderful dinner and good company.

Another enjoyable day on tour!

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