En Route to St Émilion- Version 2 (because I just accidentally deleted all of Version 1)

22 September 2019

So Version 1 went something like this:

We woke to the sound of rain on our “mountain view sky light” window. We weren’t complaining, because we have been incredibly lucky weather wise, so far. But I don’t want to jinx us, so that’s all I’ll say.

The mountains were shrouded in mist and cloud and there was a slight coolness in the air. How lucky we are that we did all that good stuff yesterday while the sun was still shining!

Bye bye Laruns

We packed, waved goodbye to Laruns and headed north to wine country. Red wine country, to be precise. St Émilion, to be even more precise.

The rain stayed with us til just before Bordeaux, but by the time we’d found a car park and hit the streets, the sun was almost shining and the birds were almost singing.

Being the “accidental tourists” that we are, and with no real plan, we looked for the tallest spire and headed to what we thought would be the centre of town, to see what we could see.

Most spires are attached to churches. But not this one! It’s next door!

St Andrés bell tower not attached to church.
Interesting, different, unusual

Dating back to 1096, Cathédrale Saint-André didn’t disappoint.

I loved the medieval decor of the columns and tiles. The colours were amazing, and in good condition, as if done yesterday.

Pretty pretty

The pipe organ was impressive and would have been even more so if it worked!!

Being fixed-Need your €€‘S because Rome doesn’t have enough spare coin.

We happened upon Rue Sainte Catherine along with the rest of Bordeaux’s inhabitants and the contents from a cruise ship or two. This is a “Pedestrian Only” street, the whole 1.2 km of it. It was full of shops, buskers, bars, and cafes and made for interesting people watching.

I had read of a huge specifically built reflection pool down by the river, which was popular for people who like reflections, especially if they are reflections of nice stone buildings!! I like reflections, and I’m a bit partial to nice stone buildings too, so off we went.

Sadly reflection pools don’t work particularly well when there’s a breeze and there was, so this is the best I could do.

A bad photographer always blames something else

This is what it’s supposed to look like.

Thanks Google images

We must have stepped inside another church at this point, because I have this photo. Nothing else. Just a photo!


Our final destination was the Grosse Cloche de Bordeaux. We found it easily, we simply followed the crowd. And the sound of the ringing bell.

Where’s Wally?

We booked into our Airbnb near St Émilion and immediately headed into the village to explore and to have dinner.

St Émilion is the hub of a huge wine growing region of Bordeaux. There are vines everywhere, heavily laden with fruit ready to be picked any day now. The country side is dotted with wineries, and wine cellars , or Châteaux.

St Émilion is not just about wine though.

It dates back to roman times, has a strong medieval history, and is a famous centre for macaroons!

That’s it. We are coming back tomorrow for some of those macaroons! And maybe some wine.

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