Dinner in Dinan

25 September 2019

There was a r#*n shower or two during the night and our little boat bobbed around a bit, but we were cozy and dry.

Fortunately, the weather improved long enough to enjoy the morning.

We even had a rainbow to send us on our way.

Gotta be a good omen?

The skies opened and it r#*ned the whole drive to Dinan, a town in Brittany.

Why Dinan? Why not?

We needed to head north in order to return the car, on the 29th, in Paris. We did the maths, we googled France’s most beautiful towns and villages, we consulted Airbnb availability. Et Voila!!!


The r#*n stopped just before we arrived and we could wander the streets and get our bearings without the need for r#*n coats.

Our bed for the night was in The Blue House, on the best street in town, also the steepest!!

The blue house Airbnb

Mariejo, our host, welcomed us like long lost friends, and left us to settle in and go exploring some more.

We wandered down hill to the Port just as a river boat was leaving for an hour trip. Of course, we jumped on board!

We went up the river to the next village, went up the lock (electric!!), turned around and came back.

The guides had us all singing “Allouette” and clapping our hands as we cruised along the river. The French were amazed that the two Aussies and Four Russians knew the words and could sing along too. Made their day!!

We explored some more before returning to the port for dinner.

The local Pokémon catchers were out in force and seemed to be travelling the same direction as us.

Yep. All looking at their phones.
There they are again
Pretty pretty

Dinner was a real treat! Mussels and scallops, washed down with a nice wine and followed up with the first decent coffee in four and a half weeks!!

Dining in Dinan was indeed divine!!

Nice one Dinan!

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