One Man’s Home is Another Man’s Castle.

28 September 2019

We drop the car off tomorrow. It has to be clean. We have limited clothing that also needs to be clean.

Two birds, one stone. Who would have thought that the car wash also had a laundromat!!! And who would have also thought that when contemplating the need for a car wash/laundry combo, we looked out the window of our hotel and there was one, right next door.

The poor old car washing/ laundromat attendant couldn’t quite cope with our ineptitude. We put rubbish in the “wrong” bins, we parked the car the “wrong” direction in the washing space, we pressed the “wrong” numbers, and had the “wrong” change for the machines. He was beside himself and couldn’t resist chastising us , in very fast French. In my best French I replied “ I’m sorry. We are Australians”. It all made sense to him then. And he was very forgiving.

“La Maison Picassiette” is a must see, if you are ever in Chartres.

It’s a funny little place in the inner suburbs which has become a huge money spinner.

Some guy built a pretty ordinary little house and decided to embellish it with broken tiles, plates, glass and bottle tops. Whatever he found he collected. It took him a few years, but I think he might have gotten just a little carried away.

Not sure it’s practical , or comfortable!

The neighbours thought he was nuts back in the 1930’s when he began his project and in 1983, when Chartres city classified this extraordinary art work as a monument, they probably disliked him even more. Their quiet little street is now one of Chartres most visited, being a major tourist drawcard.


It even had its own Mona Lisa.

Who needs to visit the Louvre?
Or the barnyard?

You really do have to see it to believe it.

But I think you get the idea!

Time to move on, we had another castle to visit!

We arrived at Château de Chantilly (about 50 km north of Paris and about 20 minutes from Charles De Gaulle airport) mid afternoon. This was to be our only french Château this visit.

The Château was last owned by the Duke of Aumale, a son of the last King of France. Turns out this guy was a bit of a collector too, but his bits and bobs were a little more exclusive and the setting a little more up market. I don’t think the neighbours were too upset when he moved in.

The château houses the Duke’s amazing art and book collection as well as antiquities from around the world.

But his most treasured , possibly, was his horse collection. He built them the most incredible stables, which he could view from his Château window.

It’s right beside the Chantilly race course and still houses some very lucky horses, as well as a horse museum, a dressage “ring” and indoor stadium for Horse shows!

Museum pieces
Classy stables
Shy horse
Cheeky horse

Our castle for the night was an Airbnb a few kilometres away, on the edge of a nearby forest and not far from Charles De Gaulle airport.

Lots to do. Big day tomorrow.

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