Omg!! Stunning! Love My Life!!

9 October 2019

Today was amazing.

Started the day here
Norbury Junction

A clandestine meeting of executive crew was convened to discuss our progress and plan for the day ahead. They decided we should continue to follow the canal in a forward direction, find a pub for lunch and another for dinner. Fortunately for them, the rest of the crew thought this was a great idea and there would be no mutiny today.!!


However, they will need to watch their backs!

Sitting Ducks.

We set sail from Norbury Junction and all was shipshape both above and below decks.

It wasn’t long before we were cruising through the stunning countryside, working the locks and living the dream.

The canal passed through narrow cuttings and forests for a lot of the day. I got put my newly honed steering skills to the test and even got to use the throttle on the straight stretches. Panic would set in if another boat was coming in the opposite direction and I’d quickly pass the tiller over to those more highly qualified. Skills required are currently above my pay grade!!

Tight squeeze

Standout moments for the day would have to navigating under these beautiful high bridges,

This one with its own electricity pole.
Appropriately named High Bridge

And negotiating the narrow canal and locks. It was so, so pretty and so, so peaceful.

Everyday we come across a wide variety of dogs: either living on board a canal boat, or living beside the canal. We’ve made friends with quite a few but this one may well be our favourite so far.

We arrived in Market Drayton with enough time to go for an explore of the village and find a suitable pub for dinner.

Market Drayton

Joules Brewery was our choice for the evening. Another brewery! Didn’t do the tour this time. But the Joule name does have a connection with Joule, the measure of energy. ! Brothers!

Sequence card game: Round 4: Boys v Girls. Boys win!

  • John 3
  • Judi 2
  • Jenny 2
  • Grahame 1

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