Recruitment Drive

12 October 2019

Our day started earlier than normal as there was a special rendezvous planned, an hour up the canal.

The sky was blue , the sun was shining and the birds were twittering in the hedgerows. Must be a good omen.

We crossed the aqueduct and were on our way. (It feels a bit weird crossing over a road whilst sitting in a boat)

Look to the right, look to the left.

The countryside looked gorgeous in the sunlight and we actually managed a few hours with only 3 layers of clothing.


Long John and Long Judi Silver had recruited two more crew for the weekend plundering of Chester.

Junior Deckhands, Katie and Chris were piped aboard at Barbridge and immediately set to work in the galley!

Fam Reunion
Pic stolen from Katie’s FB feed

We arrived at our first lock/s not long after and the two newbies were put to work on our first “Staircase”. Talk about thrown to the wolves.

Example only. We were going downhill so not really relevant : except you have to think!!!
Katie Partland not Katie Middleton!!
More pretty stuff

By the time we made it to The Shady Oak for lunch, both Katie and Chris has passed their apprenticeship lock working course and were ready to take on boat navigation. Quick learners!!

Today was the first time the weather was kind enough for us to sit outside to have lunch.

Ten minutes later, it was r#*ning! We ate our meals inside.

Perfect growing conditions.

Ten minutes later, it wasn’t r#*ning!

The afternoon was spent cruising, teaching the newbies the finer details of canal life!

Pic stolen from KT

Dinner at the Cheshire Cat in Christleton was followed by a a 3 way Sequence Game. ( ongoing score count suspended for the evening. )

Ended in a draw

The new recruits passed their initiations with flying colours.

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