17 October 2019

It was a bit chilly last night and the last thing I felt like doing was getting out of my nice warm bed.

But, it had to be done! We had a big day ahead. In order to get closer to our final destination tomorrow arvo, we had to knock over lots and lots and lots of locks.

And we are off again

Our lock-type education continued today with a new style being introduced.

Most of this trip the locks have been single. They are quicker to fill and empty than the double locks but only one boat can use it at a time, meaning there can be quite a wait if there is a queue of boats. Especially if they are all travelling in the same direction. Double locks allow two boats in side by side to go either up or down together, which is great if your both going the same way. We haven’t shared a double lock this whole trip.


Today we came across two narrow locks side by side! Best of both worlds. Quick to fill and empty, but providing the flexibility for travel in either direction without having to wait for others. When they work it’s terrific, but sadly some of the locks were out of order, once again returning us to the original one way traffic style and slowing our progress.

I’m not complaining though. The best aspect of slow travel is that it gives you time to stop and smell the roses. Literally.

And photograph stuff growing on other stuff!

The autumn leaves are stunning at the moment and I can only imagine how pretty the countryside will be in a few weeks time.

We were travelling in tandem with another boat which had started out just before us. Two boats, two drivers and 4 lock workers made for a pretty efficient system.

John and Jude setting our lock

We wizzed along, climbing up and up and up. And before we knew it we were over half way and it wasn’t even midday.

A few more friends along the tow path

Grahame caught another “Ducks in Flight” photo which has definitely put him in the lead for this category.

Grahame’s pic

We tied up at Rode Heath for a breather and an early lunch at the Broughton Arms.

Ellie sniffs out another canal side pub
Fuschias in the beer garden

Our friends in the other boat had stopped a few locks earlier, to have a late breakfast and a cuppa, but they overtook us again while we had lunch. We soon caught them again and we completed the day working together. Many hands make light work.

We had made such good time, we all set off for a walk along the tow path. We came across this canal passing over another. Amazing !!

Trent and Mersey Canal passing under Macclesfield Canal

We found a few geocaches before it started r#*ning (unbelievable) . We scurried back to The Red Lion, our planned dining venue. No such luck! It was closed for renovations! So much for planning. We trudged back to Ellie-Mcboat-Face for a light dinner instead and a relatively early night.

Dinner on board.

What a day! We passed through 26 locks from Wheelock to Harding’s Wood (Kidsgrove) , a total distance of about 4 miles. It took us approximately 6 hours!! Should sleep well tonight!

Sequence : Original Partlands v others. Others win.

  • Judi 7
  • Grahame 6
  • John 5
  • Jenny 4 ☹️☹️

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