Glasgow to the Airport

29 October 2019

We have mixed emotions today.

We are sad that this incredible journey is about to end, but happy to be going home to family and friends. And a good cup of coffee! (Vanessa be warned!!!)

It will be nice to unpack, have access to a washing machine, wear some different clothes and shower in a decent shower.

On our final day, we wandered around Glasgow and ended up at the Cathedral Precinct! Of course we did!

Spending our last few hours in a cathedral taking photos of stained glass was appropriate really. Given that’s what we did for the majority of the trip.

We particularly like this Cathedral as it was the final resting place of Saint Mungo. How Scottish!! I hope he was Mungo MacIntosh or Mungo McTavish!

And some nice tiles!!

Just over the bridge on top of the hill was the Glasgow Necropolis! What a sight! Thousands of gravestones and monuments to the dead, covering the hill. Prime real estate!

The view back down to the Cathedral was worth the climb to the top of the necropolis.

We walked back to the city centre and happened across a ceremony to commemorate the dedication of Glasgow’s Garden of Remembrance. There was a lot of tartan on display.

We visited Glasgow’s iconic Equestrian statue of the Duke of Wellington. Capping the statue with a traffic cone has become a traditional practice and a bit of raspberry blowing at the English.

Our very last stop before the Eurocar Rental station at Edinburgh Airport, was the People’s Palace, now a social history museum.

It was full of those everyday things that you remember your grandparents or parents having in their homes. It told of how Glaswegians worked lived and played in years gone by.

Brass plates on houses indicated the amount of floor space and therefore the number of people allowed to live there
In support of women

The beautiful fountain outside featured scenes from the colonies of Australia, India, South Africa and Canada.

This was a timely reminder. Home was calling.

The drive to Edinburgh took a little less than an hour.

We dropped the car at the rental place and headed over to the departure lounge.

We had covered 2430 kms since we left Stoke-on-Trent ten days earlier!

And we loved every kilometre of it.

All around the purple heather…..


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