Somewhere Near Stafford to Cross Green

7 October 2019

Long John Silver and Maddog Marjoribanks

We set off under overcast skies. It’s cool and, at times, damp, but we didn’t need to pull out the emergency garbage bag r#*ncoats (Touch wood). We are making good use of the “layering method” (currently four) and our beanies, scarves and gloves.

At times, we have the canal to ourselves and it’s very peaceful.

Other times it can be a bit like Pitt Street.

There’s always something interesting to see along the way. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else comes along.

Like these mushrooms
Or this Figurehead

We arrived at Penkridge around midday and took the opportunity to explore the village, do some shopping and check out the pubs.


Disappointingly, one was closed and the other wasn’t doing lunches so we actually had to eat on board. Desperate times!!

Our next pause was to work a lock or two was this lovely “Wharf House”. Built in 1805, it is still inhabited by a lovely old couple who were more than ready for a chat. They live upstairs and run a little gift/ souvenir shop downstairs. I asked if she had been very busy today. She replied “No , it’s usually quiet here on Fridays!” Today was Monday!! Wasn’t it?

We arrived at Cross Green, our mooring place for the night after a peaceful cruise through green farmland. The locals came to say hello as we passed by.

Moored for the night.

We walked down to “The Anchor Inn” for dinner. I asked the waitress where we were exactly. She had no idea!! We were at Cross Green. Weren’t we??

Sequence card game: Round 2: Partlands v Marjoribanks : Partlands win

  • Judi 2
  • John 1
  • Jenny 1
  • Grahame 0

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