Stone to Somewhere Near Stafford

6 October 2019

It’s amazing how quickly the crew fell back into its old routines.

Our morning view

Breakfast, clean up, boat maintenance, raise the anchor, set sail, work the locks, take lots of photos, disrupt a fishing competition or two, find a pub for lunch, have lunch, set sail, work the locks, take lots of photos, find a pub for dinner, drop the anchor, have dinner, boat maintenance, game of cards, sleep. Repeat!!

Disgruntled fisher persons.

The pace is wonderfully slow, the countryside is wonderfully green, the wildlife is wonderfully abundant, and the company is wonderfully wonderful.

Lockage leakage

Today our lunch pub was a bit of a hike. We crossed the paddock, climbed a few fences and walked a kilometre or so into town.

We ate at “The Woolpack” in a village of Weston. And it was so worth the trek. We had a Sunday Roast ( three types of meat!!) which was pretty fantastic and yet another Yorkshire pud.

We were so impressed with our lunch we even ordered dessert. Thank goodness for that big walk back to the boat.

Pity we didn’t bring our helicopter! (Johns pic!! )

The rest of the day was spent putt-putt-putting along at four miles per hour, checking out the scenery and enjoying life.

One man’s home
Another man’s castle

We left the Trent and Mersey Canal and joined the Staffordshire and Worcester Canal mid afternoon.

Dinner was a simple meal, onboard, in the middle of nowhere. After our hearty lunch, we didn’t need much.

Our nightly card game ritual has begun with a game called “Sequence”.

Round 1: Boys v Girls. Girls win!

  • Judi 1
  • Jenny 1
  • John 0
  • Grahame 0

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